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Roll On (Rishi Rich BhangraHop Edit)

This song is by Mis-Teeq and appears on the album Lickin' on Both Sides (2001).

Ayo oh oh oh ha, ha ha gotta get your roll on
I said get your roll on
We're gonna get your roll on
Here we go again, all all all night long
Roll on (enter) Check check

It's been a long week and we've been working had enough
Sometimes it all gets to you and the pressure's just too much
Gonna hook us up a potion, guaranteed to bring some fun
Mix good friends with some music
Head out to the club and roll on

It's Friday and you just got paid
We like the way you get your roll on
You know you need to get away
So turn your speakers up and roll on
Let me hear my fellas say
My ladies can you get your roll on (Roll oh roll)
So grab your boo and get your roll on

So here we are another night, out on the town we getting down
Havin' fun staying young
The whole entourage has arrived
I'm on the scene, know what I mean (Check the rhyme)
When I say this world is mine
All you've got to do is sit back and ride (There we go)

Let's take it to the floor
What are you waiting for
The party's jumping now
We're gonna show you how
We like it, we like it
We really really like it
So turn your speakers up and roll on

Summertime sweeter than honey
Take your time and move your body
All night long, we're gonna roll on 2x

I just want you to roll roll roll roll on
It's a summertime vibe (It's a summertime vibe)
Rishi Rich ha upon a Mis-Teeq flip

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