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This song is by Miranda Lee Richards and appears on the album Echoes of the Dreamtime (2016).

Take what I say for what it is worth
That is why we have words

Pools of light they surround your heart
But this is not a debate that I wish to start

Julian, what don't you understand?
From this room you are banned

Ribbons of purpose, they intertwine
What is yours not yours
Is mine and not mine

And when you take credit for more not less
You make me feel petty and you seem clueless

Would you look to the sun
Could it have risen without God?
Will you humble yourself
In the presence of this phenomenon?

So please don't touch without permission
What you are considering is very rare and priceless

I see you as a child who has needs
It's so easy to forgive you
But it's always me, me, me

When we speak we hear different things
Alternate voices, alternate realities

What is the cost?
Tell me, what is the price I pay?
When I don't want it anyway

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