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It Was Given

This song is by Miranda Lee Richards and appears on the album Echoes of the Dreamtime (2016).

She grew up in a nice big house
The walls were thick. you could run about
It was given

White birds flew through the thunderstorm
She was taught to fear nothing and given a ribbon
To tie in her hair

And a stone's throw was all she could spare
The weakness took over that made her aware

Trouble descended on the tiny town
Unspeakable crimes and events began to happen
Reputations were ruined

Viewing each other through untrusting eyes
Everyone suspect, even the children
With their angelic stares

And the rain continued to fall
She buttoned her petticoat up and stood tall

War began brewing in the countryside
Paranoia had spread, it was man's poison
They passed the cup

Accounts they travelled by word of mouth
Events conspired, real or imagined
The situation worsened

And the crows watched the scene from their perch on a wire
Hoping the contrast would birth a new desire

When lady peace finally answered her call
The horror subsided and the cloud of fear was lifted
No one ever convicted

The willows rested their branches
The sheep grazed in silence on a little plot of heaven
The souls had risen

And the birds resumed their beautiful songs
And the ghost began to right all the wrongs

Time the great healer softened the ground
History righted itself for future generations
The legacy forgotten

Fine white snow covered the land
All frozen signs of the past remained hidden
For all was forgiven

She said I hear the clock ticking twice
Transforming shards of darkness into light
And the murals on the street showed scenes from their lives
Grateful for being born in another time

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