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​Love Song Of The Fly

This song is by Mirah And Spectratone International.

I take offer of your open window, oh
And permit myself the nearness of you
Even just the scent of what you've left behind
Drives me in circles of lust
Oh your crumbs and your dust

I enter each room and perform for you
Might you love me alone for my skill and grace
How we tease and chase
This song for you I hum in your favorite key
Please render me adoringly

But sweet ribbons you vex me
When your treachery holds me fast
My adoration only led me straight into your trap
I beheld them a gift for me
Never dreamed they would extinguish me
Though perfumed, my wings are torn
A fallen warrior

Oh why do you despise me
Only criticize me
Your wrath collides with the love that resides
In kaleidoscope eyes
You care not for my speed and bravery
You only think me base and dirty
But I love you still darling
Multiplying in my eyes

I wished only to care for you
Make beautiful your castaways
You see all life is bound with this grace
I regenerate hope with
Every morsel on which I feed
And in return all I ask is compassion and tenderness
That's all any lover really needs

And now you know
I cherished you so
I'll perish, though
Become your dust