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You've Gone Away Enough

This song is by Mirah and appears on the album C'mon Miracle (2004).

If the light takes you in
Will you know where you've been all this time
At the edge of a cliff
You could almost just slip down the side

When there's so much to do
Don't you wish you could make up your mind?
But it know it's elusive,
It grows and it burns you inside

With my eyes mostly closed
Like a person who knows how to drown
I'll squint at the sun
And my shoulders will pray for the ground

Let's throw something over,
Imagine it's us falling down
And thinking of death
We will watch without making a sound

But it's just the way you are
You don't have to be afraid
The way you look at the stars
And how you think that they were made

The motion will never stop
Turning the night into the day
You've gone away enough
When will you decide to stay

My trouble with everything
Always is nothing's just right
Just to figure out nothing
Could keep you awake half the night

Not to know what you want
Is a terrible thing you should fight
You just sift for the face of the dark
While you wait for the light


Written by:

Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn

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