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This song is by Mirah and appears on the EP Parts of Human Desire (1999).

Looking looking looking looking
And I'll take it
Welcome to my life sometimes I love it I hate it
I'll be the sucker baker candlestick maker
Get kicked out by the landlord emancipator
From girl land girl land
Girl land girl land
Girl land girl land
Girl land girl land

I watch a train
Cut through a town
Cut through a town
My heart wants to cut through the streets with my renegade steam
Run up to the front porch and scream
Girl land girl land

I know a place
Where I use to live
I use to live in
A place that I knew
The cats and the christians
Would meet in the streets
I wish they'd run each other over and
Leave me be in my
Girl land girl land


Written by:

Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn

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