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Apples in the Trees

This song is by Mirah and appears on the album Advisory Committee (2002) and on the EP Cold Cold Water (2002).

There should be no hesitation
When the coast is clear
You got a right to slide
Right into place when the end is almost here

So you think you got some rotten deal
What a way to compromise
It's a long long way
Before you get to claim that final prize

Looking at that sorry face
I can recognize the fear
But if you keep on looking up at night
The stars will all appear

See there's food for me,
There's food for you
There's gold that's in the air
There's oceans deep and wide
And there is love beyond compare

There's apple in the trees
Let's take all that we need
We know what we believe
There's hope for you and me
My eyes can almost see
If you fight 'til you're free
You don't have to wait until you die


Written by:

Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn

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