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This song is by Mirabilis and appears on the album Pleiades (2004).

Thee too, modest tressèd maid
When thy fallen stars appear
When in lawn of fire array'd
Sov'reign of yon powder'd sphere
To thee I chant at close of day
Beneath, O maiden Moon!
Thy ray

Throned in sapphired ring supreme
Pregnant with celestial juice
On silver wing thy diamond stream
Gives what summer hours produce
While view'd impearl'd earth's rich inlay
Beneath, O maiden Moon!
Thy ray

Glad, pale Cynthian wine I sip
Breathed the flow'ry leaves among
Draughts delicious wet my lip
Drown'd in nectar drunk my song
While tuned to Philomel
The lay
Beneath, O maiden Moon!
Thy ray

Dew, that od'rous ointment yields
Sweets, that western winds disclose
Bathing spring's more purpled fields
Soft 's the band that winds the rose
While o'er thy myrtled lawns I stray
Beneath, O maiden Moon!
Thy ray

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