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If You Love Me

This song is by Mint Condition and appears on the album Life's Aquarium (1999).

If you love me
Like you say you do why don't you show me
Just how much you do
If you love me unconditionally
Say that you'll always
Always be with me

In my heart
There is a love
That's yearning for you
Let me know
If you feel the same
The yearning that I do
All I know is that I need a love
To give me what I need
Don't be afraid or hesistate
I'm trying to make you see
How it's gotta be

All the words that you didn't say
Pushed me away from you
Words of love that I need to hear
To let me know you do
Through the night I dry my eyes
For now I have learned
Lonely tears they fall the same
For love is not returned
Love is not returned

I got what you want
You got what I want

Chorus till end

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