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Lighter Up Di Fire The flame sparked within my heart
Red fireworks bloomed beneath the sky as you gave me a kiss


I've always been looking for you been looking for you
Kissing the wrong one
The fickle hook-button changes did you know
If you are there sparkling then there is a heaven

Across the distant waves I was looking for a small figure at the coastline
My red heart was dyed I found you I am your smiling hibiscus

I thought I wanted to live seriously
I thought I wanted to live frivolously
I said I already quit sweet things
Sweets、Junk Food, Pickled Food
Relaxing I want more
Week 3 I try to do yoga and pool
Eyelash extensions  English, anyway January is not long enough

Further more, being as myself, I wonder if I can do it?
...You are not at all thought of as a yawning cow You Know Dat?


You've always been looking for me been looking for me
You are also lost making mistakes
But it's hilarious when you've heated if there's smiles, sun and the blue sky

You are the sun I looked up at you
I want to stay by your side my red heart was dyed
You just stare into the blooming hibiscus of the beach

I stride one step how on Earth could that be too much?
It's a simple question
You cheat a little it doesn't look like you're flying
What if, I no longer exist×××
Sorry! I was only scaring you
It is the village-side way of thinking
^-^ *_* ^-^ *_* ^-^ We laugh

This is embarrassing It seems to get closer and closer
I feel like I can't bring another one who loves me into my life Ahhhhh My God


Because of you the flame ignited within my heart
but why we embraced with other people?

I've always been looking for you been looking for you
Kissing the wrong one

I was finally able to meet you at The Last Dance
The hibiscus waiting under the summer sky to bloom at last

More and more I want you I want you
It is a very regrettable love

So right now I am going to see you
the hibiscus that is blooming on the beach while I eat ice-cream