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​Battle Of Hogwarts

This song is by Ministry Of Magic and appears on the album Onward And Upward (2009).

Did you actually believe?
Were you truly naive enough to think?
That children stood a chance against us?

It was foolish of you to come here tonight Tom,
The Aurors are on their way

By which time I shall be gone
And you shall be dead

We've got orders; Draco's got to do it
Now Draco and quickly!

Severus please...

I don't want anyone else to try to help
It's got to be like this, it's got to be me

Potter doesn't mean that,
That isn't how he works is it?
Who are you going to use as a shield today, Potter?

Nobody, neither can live while the other survives
And one of us is about to leave for good
Try for some remorse Riddle it's your one last chance,
It's all you've got left
Try for some remorse

What is this?

Avada Kedavra!