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This song is by Minerale.

Waking in a desert see I'm lone
The stratosphere hits the air
Starling sings and taint their joy
Something's are unreal
This evening did my orange home blown on me
Tonight I will fight my memories
Dealing with hysteria, something's are unreal
A spaceman comes to reach a star to me he's old
Save me from falling drifting like an electronic satellite crashing to the sea
Travelling from the earth to holy Venus
Dimensional crusade, I might not stay the same
Mystical euphoria celestial melodies
Radar check direction is so wrong
I've noticed every senses meters causes frozen lands to melt and glow something's are unreal
Exodus sailing down the seven seas
Don't think everyone's a little tough, cause everyone concedes
The rain, the falls, the waves the gulfs
The shores, the winds, the streams, the fogs
The heats, the bombs, the draughts, the suns
Go down go down exodus time
You stitched the walls, the seas, the laws
I feel a war now in my head
I know, I know, I know, I know
You'll go below...