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This song is by Miner and appears on the album Into the Morning (2014).

Long ago when I was young
I fell for love, but nevermore
Oh my god
But back when we were seventeen
And every touch was kerosene
Oh my god

Gave my soul
But never could see, you selling your heartbeats
Held your ghost
But never could breach, the walls of your belfry
I fell into your carousel
Spinning in an empty well
With no way out...

To your altarpiece, then effigy
I came in on my knees
Just calling your name...
And the mighty oaks that held our home
Just never seemed to grow
And they're fallin' away

Oh I can see the morning coming, I can feel it, I can feel it...
So I'll be riding on your frozen horse
Like a soldier leaving on his way to war
Singin' "I won't die today"
And if I find you on the western front
I will, I will know I've won
I will know that all my love remains
All my love remains
All my love remains

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