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Without Love

This song is by Mindy McCready and appears on the album Ten Thousand Angels (1996).

Bobby got down on his knees
Said Becky would you marry me
He slipped that ring upon her hand
She ran home to show her mom
Said looky here what I've got on
And that diamond sparkled on the band
She looked her daughter in the eye
Said girl you are so young
I just pray that in your heart
You know that he's the one cause

Without love
It don't mean a thing
It's just a rock on a golden ring
You could take it down to an old pawn shop
Or toss it in the sea
Cause without love
It don't mean a thing

Five years down a rocky road
Bobby had some doubts you know
He said I'm not sure I feel the same
She packed up her old suitcase
The note said Bobby here's your space
I can't stay if your heart's really changed
He found her ring beside the pen
Tears filled up his eyes
It read P.S. don't you realize that

He found her at her mama's house
Said girl you've gotta change your mind
You were talkin' about your ring
But I'm talkin' about my life

Cause without love
It don't mean a thing
You're my rock here's your golden ring
I'm beggin you to take it back baby now I see
That without love
It don't mean a thing
No without love
It don't mean a thing

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