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​Brooklyn Hype Part I

This song is by Mindless Self Indulgence and appears on the album Despierta Los Ninos (2003).

If my bitches wanna rock dis shit
They know the time is now right now
No doubt that they gots the weak shit
Publicized, magnified like a million times
The reality perceived, it's twisted in your mind
You know it, you love it, you bought it right now
Ain't no way in hell I can compete with this
I know I hit the bottom because all my friends are in it

Yo, does it make you nervous?
Yes, it makes me nervous
Does it does it does it does it does it make you nervous?

Brooklyn, you ain't nothin'!

You all leave me hanging with the truth and the facts
No relocation gonna elevate the wack
The suspension of the disbelief no longer intact
I know what I hate and I hate where it's at

Brooklyn, you got nuttin' cookin'
When we're really lookin'
Suckas dey be hooked
Oh no!

Part II
(Currently Unreleased)

If it look like and it taste like
Den it must be shit!
If it smell like and it feel like
Den it must be shit!

Yo, no one told me I was suckin' on the wrong dick
The long dick
The die in obscurity dick
Point me to the press in the pocket dick
Hair in the face, hat to the side schtick
Why didn't you tell me it could be that easy?