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Silent Pain

This song is by and appears on the album Memories (2015).

The trail is dark, where I am going
Behind my back, the lies are fading
In front of me, the sun is rising
The way is chosen, the way is mine

All the burdens on my shoulders
All the secrets left behind
What's done can't ever be undone
Another chapter has just begun

One step forward with no regrets
A ray of light sparkling through the night
The light is warm, the past feels cold
My heart is pumping life into my poor soul

I left the woods behind
I'm climbing up the steepest trail
One step up the hill
One step closer to the edge

I look down and I see the future
I look back and I see the past
My way has come to an end
My trail is ending here

Suddenly I feel a pain
My mind still struggling to resist
Suddenly I can remember
It hits me hard, it's all coming back

I feel so small in this big world
How can I make a difference?
How can I find the strength?
Hate and fear, all around

We must try to show them
We must try to forgive them all
I will sacrifice myself
It is my gift to a better world

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