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The Hour Of Need

This song is by Mind's Eye and appears on the album A Gentleman's Hurricane (2007).

- It's open!
- Hi, I'm Norma Jean...
- Enchanting, just take off your clothes will you...

Obscene is the man watching a woman undress herself
Pleasure is given but not responded
Loneliness says yes but November says no
A window to her soul they say
December, her soul's gone astray

Climb, climb while you still can
The ladder is slippery but fair
When you least expect it...

The lust that I see in your eyes watching me tonight
I hope that it's real
I'm down and lonely
Happiness killed what little was left of me
A thousand for love, you say
I guess it's OK

Fly, fly while you still can
For life will punish all the fools
When you least expect it, in the eleventh hour
The hour of need...

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