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Praying For Confession

This song is by Mind's Eye and appears on the album A Gentleman's Hurricane (2007).

Life, life is such a ridiculous word if you think of it.
Eventually, we all take life for granted.
It's not until we take that last gasp of air before we truly can appreciate the simplicity of seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling and tasting life.
Death, ha... death comes to us all

Oh father please forgive my sins, I've take lives with my bare hands
This guilt has grown inside of me, I cannot cry, nor can I hide

I broke the glass, reflection died
The mirror lies, deformed and blind
I cannot face my image more
I've cut my hand, bled for my land
A child with no name is easier to mold
A mouth of no words, far better controlled
No one to claim his rights, to say goodnight
Letting my hate grow up before I could
I became the hands of god

[Adam Evangelista:] Father forgive me father, for I have sinned.
[Father Cavallero Dimori:] When was your last confession my child?
[Adam Evangelista:] This is my very first...