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This song is by Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay and appears on the album 7 (2005) and on the album Devolution (2010).

Joy was once there
It was once a part
Of your existence
That lies in dirt now

The venom is your cure
That makes you dream again
Everything seems blur now
While the lifetime slips away

Illness fills your shattered body
It comes quickly all over you
Injected disease that eats you up inside

Deaf, dumb, blind
Used to this high-way
Abused by the blight
Addicted to that lame

There's no escape from
This downward spiral of pain
Only a mere hope for cursed
To run out from this cage

Does it matter for you anymore?
If it's shining day or pitch black night
All of it becomes the same bleak grey
The weight that breaks down your spine

Your mind is so weak
Your sanity lost strength
Unable to do anything
Just weep for another life

Speed-road reaches to this very end
And perishes in the ashes of suffering
Oblivion - the wounded
Final rest

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