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Glimmering Shine Of Another Life

This song is by Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay and appears on the album 7 (2005).

Suddenly waking up again
In the middle of the night
With that strange feeling
Of the unknown disgrace
That lies heavily upon you
Pushing you down relentlessly

There must by some higher force
That still keeps me down
Prevents me from standing up
Why I always lose
Where others succeed
What have I done wrong?

That wrong thing is in your head
A jealous worm that you feed
Day after day, every time you lose
Reason lies in your lazy mind
Face the truth - you have to change!

They are all so bad
Corrupted and rotten
Despite it they live in luxury
They don't deserve it!
I will make them all suffer!

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