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Eat Your Soul! (Eye For Eye II)

This song is by Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay and appears on the album 7 (2005).

So obsessed with a thin line...
Are you losing your weight?
Oh no, you're still a fat ball...
Are you losing your faith?

So you will suffer forth, oh girl
Piles of empty dishes all around
A dying hope - how will you get rid of this?
Welcome the hunger, starving one!

For whom are you doing this?

Eat your soul out off your shell!
Eat your brain out off your head!

You've been told to eat more!

Do not vomit, swallow it all!

Will you eat yourself in the end?

Years spend in libraries...
Have you forgot to live, oh man?
Always in search for more...
Aren't you overfeed with that stuff?

Now you hear just silent voices
That echo in your deranged mind
Feasting on what reminds of you
Welcome the void, hollow one!

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