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Buried Insane

This song is by Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay and appears on the album 7 (2005).

Worshiping the money
Worshiping the power
So modern and fashionable cult
Of unreasonable need
But where is conscience
Where is humanity?

What do you think you'll get of it?
Always wanting more and more...
Final satisfaction or immortality?

Believing in your false God
The everlasting "money-grab"
Price list is your Bible
Advertisements - your holy word
Exchanging shares for emotions
Will this ever end?

Pay the price!
Obey the style!
Shut your mouth...
And obey!

Did you ever ask yourself:
What is the price of human life?
How much does your trust cost?

Counting banknotes all the time
Sound of coin is your lullaby
The higher the number is
The better you fall asleep
Into bad dreams of thieves
And so low salaries

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