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10 Percent

This song is by Mimicking Birds and appears on the album Mimicking Birds (2010).

We are a solid army
A fleet of 6 billion strong
There are a few egg-heads among us who don't want to go with them
But they were always hungry feeding bacteria
All of our molars grinding the white on thing hearing us
And all I can even think about is a way to get back to them
Find out how it became this maybe prevent that from happening
Oh, I know that this is impossible but I'm only using 10 percent
At least according to them
Well then according to me 10 is pretty intense

We are a solid army of overwhelming proportions
Nothing can beat us
We might be able to destroy the sun
So join us children help build our damned kingdom
Don't drag the flag or drop the torch and burn all we've won
And all I can even think about is a way to get through to them
Make them think like me and maybe prevent all this from ever happenin'
And oh I know this is impossible and all the music in my room
And I think I see the sun coming up I'll be outside pretty soon

Written by:

Mimicking Birds.

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