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And His Musical Brownies 1934 (1982)Edit

Milton Brown - And His Musical Brownies 1934

And His Musical Brownies 1934

  1. Brownie's Stomp
  2. Joe Turner Blues
  3. Oh! You Pretty Woman!
  4. My Precious Sonny Boy
  5. Swinging on the Garden Gate
  6. Do the Hula Lou
  7. Garbage Man Blues
  8. Four, Five or Six Times
  9. Where You Been So Long, Corrine?
  10. Talking About You
  11. Just Sitting on Top of the World
  12. Take It Slow and Easy
  13. Get Along, Cindy
  14. Trinity Waltz
  15. Love Land and You
  16. This Morning, This Evening, So Soon
  17. Girl of My Dreams
  18. Loveless Love

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  • b.1903, d.1936
  • Instruments: Vocals
Also known as:

Milton Brown And His Musical BrowniesMilton Brown & His BrowniesFort Worth Doughboys

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