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Falling Away

This song is by Milosh and appears on the album Meme (2006).

You're not in love with me
I'm in love with you
You barely even noticed
What's good about me

So I'll keep on tapping my way
This song as my cane
For someone who dares
Take on this man inside of me
You could hardly see

Falling away

So I'll keep on swimming my way
Through that pitch black part of me
Singing this tongue tied and twisted melody
There you go falling into that sea of people

Falling away

You're falling away
It's gone without a trace
I'm singing love songs again

You're falling away
Those dark streets inside of me
How further can they be
Now I can finally see
That pretty seed inside of me
The one thing I need inside of me
And that beast ingrained in me
Is bursting to see
What you and I can be, baby

You're falling away

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