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​X Amount A Gyal

This song is by Million Stylez and appears on the album From A Far (2007).

Well in comin' a musical ting called x-amount a gyal, a million stylez up close and personal, evah fresh mi seh evah original, wah! unno hear mi,

When mi feel lonely, mi pick up mi cellphone, if tanya nah answer then chanel's home alone, she hear di phone ring, and give milli di sweet tone, seh she want di I fi mek her moan and groan, mi seh surely, if you well want mi bone, u can sit pon it like a queen pon a throne, a no joke ting, when time fi wok I'm in di zone, original gyallis deh ya mi seh mi no gyal clown, weh dem a do weh dem a try fi get a bligh a I n I, anywhere mi turn dem allways pon di both sides, some a dem wild some a dem shy, black 'n' browning 'n' white, mi seh none a dem gyal deh could get enuff a mi style it name,

X-amount a gyal mi have a x-amount a gyal, x-amount a gyal mi have a x-amount a unno hear mi x-amount a gyal mi have a x-amount a gyal x-amount a gyal watch a nuh!

From yu a gyallis from yu born and yu know we nah play, we nah bow and nyam it no no we nah stray, give it to di gyal dem without no delay, a swarm dem a swarm dis ya pro deejay, so mi stay so mi tan di gyal dem love di position, if yu fit fi di race yu ready fi di marathon, man a man who love woman like fish love di ocean, so fi unno I will evah feel di emotion it go so

Verse 1 (again)

Di gyal dem love it when mi bang bang bedabang bang bang bang, bang bang bedabang bang bang bang it go so bang bang bedabang bang bang bang, bang bang bang bang bedabang bang bang baaang!

Hahaa! babyboo, u know dis one is reachin' out to u, biggin up all hot gyal crew, a million stylez just passin through, yeah!