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This song is by Millencolin and appears on the album Pennybridge Pioneers (2000).

So you ain't got all your chickens home
From what I do recall you don't have incurable syndromes
Don't you worry 'bout a single thing
Don't you hurry you're a future king

I know it's all in you
Just gotta find out what you wanna do
I know it's all in you
And deep inside you feel it too

They say you're lazy and don't wanna work
It's not too crazy not to wanna slave you're not a jerk
Don't you doubt about your future plan
You're a knockout I'm your biggest fan

You know it's up to you
You always have an option
To choose what you wanna do
Take control or run and hide
It's okay to take a fall
If you have good intentions
As long as you give it all
You'll feel good inside

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