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Mystic Reptile

This song is by Millencolin and appears on the album Same Old Tunes (1994).

You say that most things in life is for free
But I doubt you can be so stupid that you never see.
I say that you and I will neer be the same
But you you never listen to what I have to say
So take my piece of advice, always be nice.

And you always said I'm sorry,
I wonder why you always felt so sorry

You always lie and never do talk clean you say that I am such a fake
I never asked you to ever be with me I hope that you can see
What you have changed me to I'll never smile again
I'll never talk to you, I hope that you can see
That I don't want you here that I don't want you.

And you never said I'm sorry,
I wonder why you never said I'm sorry


Written by:

Mathias Färm

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