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Boring Planet

This song is by Millencolin and appears on the album For Monkeys (1997).

When I was a kid, you know, I thought that I could fly
Throw myself out of a widow, right out into the sky
Now when I am older I know that I could die
Die from a depression, I would learn my lesson well

Life's so normal, nothing's shocking
Boring planet, cause no one here is rocking
Life's so tragic, nothing's clocking
Boring planet cause no one here is rocking hard

When I was a kid I thought that I was strong
The girls in school got beaten up by me every day long
Now when I am older I know that it was wrong
To deal with girls in the first place, cause a broken heart is now the case
I'm broken hearted in disgrace

It's a boring planet, we're just lying to ourselves
It's a boring planet, thank's to us and no one else

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