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Who's Laughing?

This song is by Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson and appears on the album Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (2008).

Sorry steady
My only lover
I regret to say I can't dance with you no more
While you were out I was getting lonely
Doubt that, though I try
I can ever feel it's done
I'm dry and waiting on the sky to fall

Can't will your waist to want
Can't trick your tongue to need
And I ain't going dancing
'Cause I can't even breathe

Hold some stomach
I can't stand it
It seems on so long I can't see an end in sight
It ends almost every night
Creeps and it cuts
No one's in this with us
I have stayed to say that I'm gone and giving up

Give you what you want
It isn't all you need
Such a good time guy, love
Why spend the night with me?

Who's laughing?
Tell me if you've heard this one before.