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The Ongoing Debate Concerning Present Vs. Future

This song is by Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson and appears on the album Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (2008).

Love her now leave her late
Love her now leave her later
If you leave her now
Before you learn to hate her
Boy, you're only gonna love her later

I hear she sits in a small apartment
Drawing pictures wonders what her name meant
I know
But I can't reveal
Everything I reveal she can steal

I wanted to be anything she ever saw in a dream
Oh, but not for a wife it's much too hard to be anyone's life
She had to tell me this twice

Oh love her now leave her now
Over her nowyou're leave her anyhow
She had to tell me this twice

And at last angelina well she lays her hands in mine
It was the longest time it was the longest time
And I wanted to be there above
She wanted to be there in love
And we wanted to be

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