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Shake A Shot

This song is by Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson and appears on the album Summer of Fear (2009).

First of May to the last of March
The whole thing is the hardest part
Even so, you should make a start
And hitch a hook to your holy heart

Tongue atwitter and your knees a knot
Go to see the last friends you got
But they don't wanna hear a word you say
Kiss your cheek and send you on your way

After all the suffering and shame
They wanna know
Is it worth it? Is it there to gain?
Answer's probably not
But you should
Shake a shot

From the street, it seems so near, that
Curtain cutting through the sky so clear
Some preening pack casts a sideways glance
At you standing there without a chance

If they could see with your killing eyes
Past that curtain to the room inside
They'd spy the body of your blood soaked bride
They'd stop staring and they'd
Run and hide

They wouldn't know she wasn't cool
That there was nothing left to do
'Cause they ain't you
And there ain't nothing
That they've been through

Summer's gonna come
It's gonna bleach these bones
We'll just be long white sticks in a field of skull sized stones
I'm imagining
All around
Laying down and dying

We were all wearing gowns
Handsome and proud

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