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This song is by Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson and appears on the album Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (2008).

Oh, forgive me for my awful doubt
I know now the distance that stands between
Being taken for granted and being left without

And I know that I have sinned
Which is why I have now
Only this mountain
To tell
That he'd do the same
If you'd happened to him

And a fog falls low
Folds my voice hollow as I pray your name
Painfully aware
That you have not done the same
Honey I am to blame

Now this river
This river makes bridges my concern
And like this bridge, I am fortified
Bear my load with loud complaint
And the wind shakes as the wind shakes
My faith it has grown faint

Oh, to be returned

And my sister is half mine, as I am half my mother's
I am the child of several fathers
Who has always searched for brothers
Who would now forsake all others
To be unfettered, free
And returned to thee

Oh, to be returned