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Always An Anchor

This song is by Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson and appears on the album Summer of Fear (2009).

I lost a love that loved me completely
Ranks of regret they batter and beat me
I'm never going back again
Without a lot more medicine a few less friends
Somewhere back in my old hometown
There's an alright kid dragging an anchor
It looks a lot like a frown
Goddamn it's hard to turn an anchor upside down
When smile ain't a smile, just some teeth messing with your mind
Well you're right to fear the fear you fear you'll find

Wake up in the morning
And I float downtown
I watch the fish fill the filthy fucking city that drowned
Above that big hole in the ground
Where my fine friend fear had first been found.

I remember seventeen
I remember being honest, horny, healthy, and clean.
I remember believing briefly
That I'd been born to be the one

It seems something worse than stupid now it's done
A lot of people I know are walking round wondering
Is it ever gonna be their day?
From what I've seen so far man... It's no way
Not today
Not today
Not today

Babe I'm sorry that it turned out bad
Honey with all we had
Babe, I'm sorry that it turned out... bad.