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Future Isms (1998)Edit

Non Plus Ultra (1998)Edit

Changing Caring Humans (1999)Edit

Milemarker - Changing Caring Humans
Changing Caring Humans
  1. Staple
  2. Battleship
  3. From Russia With Love
  4. Three Point Throwing Star
  5. What Is Your Motive?
  6. Insect Incest
  7. Internet Relay Chat With The Central Intelligence Agency
  8. Chronology of the Service Industry
  9. Love Plus Murder
  10. My Ears Are Burning
  11. Suicide Machine
  12. Untitled
  13. Receiver
  14. Bombthreat
  15. Address
  16. Tame
  17. Briefcase

Anaesthetic (2001)Edit

  1. Shrink To Fit
  2. Food For Worms
  3. A Quick Trip To The Clinic
  4. Lost The Thoughts But Keep The Skin
  5. Ant Architect
  6. The Fear Is Back In Town
  7. The Installment Plan

Frigid Forms Sell (2002)Edit

  1. Frigid Forms Sell You Warmth
  2. Signal Froze
  3. Sex Jam One: Sexual Machinery
  4. Sex Jam Two: Insect Incest
  5. Cryogenic Sleep
  6. Industry For The Blind
  7. Tundra
  8. Internet Relay Chat With The Central Intelligence Agency
  9. Server Error
  10. Platinum

Satanic Versus (2002)Edit

Milemarker - Satanic Versus
Satanic Versus
  1. Join Our Party
  2. The Banner to the Sick
  3. New Lexicon
  4. Idle Hands
  5. Lost the Thoughts But Kept the Skin

Ominosity (2005)Edit

Milemarker - Ominosity
  1. Killed on Public Transit
  2. Food Chain
  3. Pornographic Architecture
  4. Deserted
  5. Sun Out
  6. Landlord
  7. Virtual Sex
  8. Rambler
  9. Rivers of Blood
  10. Hydrochondria

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