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Giving Up

This song is by Mikoto.

I'm finding hope in reason, now coming
To the conclusion, that make-up can't
Make up for current lack of passion
And heart. These words twist quickly
Into what they want. So quickly
Falling from what was once so much bigger
Than sounds and rhymes, is now so over
Rated.Piece together your
Thoughts, mold them into what I want
To hear. Call your own shots.You
Wont be making them for what you want
To hear.I'm losing faith in the
Reason, we've traded our passion for a
Watered down soundtrack to current
Trends and fashion, it's all wrong.
These words twist quickly into what
They want. So quickly falling from
What once was so much bigger than
Sounds and rhymes is now so over
Rated.The choice is yours. Can
You live with yourself? At least I
Know. The choice is yours.

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