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Surf Tune

This song is by Mike Pinto and appears on the album Mike Pinto (2007).

I-I been takin' my time, and followin' my... my intuition
And I-I've got no concerns, 'cause every mistake I make is a lesson learned
Fight with fire and you're bound to get burned
Hesitate and someone's takin' your turn

I-I've been takin' a ride, been breaking the ties that once defied me
And now yeah, I start to realize, this life is sacred
But the struggle makes it hard to breath
Come along now, I can put your mind at ease
Feel alone now, I could be your company

And those who speak into your ear, they don't know everything (yeah, yeah)
They criticize to hide their pain and suffering
They save their money for a rainy day
I'll be spending mine as soon as I get paid
And when the rainy day comes
They'll be the ones who pray for the days they wasted when they were young

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