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I'm In Love W/ My Car

This song is by Mike Ness and appears on the album Cheating at Solitaire (1999).

Ain't got a girl
I ain't got many friends
Gonna drive that car of mine
To the living end
My baby likes to run
Run as fast as you can
And when I'm in her
I feel... I'm in love with my car

Got a V-8 motor
Listen to her purr
And when I put my pedal down
My whole world's a blur
Cruisin' down the highway
My lead sled mean and low
The police behind me
I ain't ready to go... I'm in love with my car

Got twin carburetors
I got dual exhaust
And it don't matter baby
If we get lost
Make love to me girl
In my back seat
The radio's playin' something
Slow and sweet... I'm in love with my car.

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