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Crime Don't Pay

This song is by Mike Ness and appears on the album Cheating at Solitaire (1999).

Drinking, gambling and women
Stealin' hearts and playin' with guns
But the laws the law and baby that's a fact
And now I'm on the run

But this song ain't about none of the above
We're not punished for our sins but "by them"
Thought I'd get myself a little passion play
But I can still hear them sayin'...
That crime don't pay

My poor heart is aching
It never did before
It seems my "indiscretion" served a "painfiul lesson"
And I'm still begging for more.

I tried to mix romance with deceit
A little pleasure now with my pain
And I felt the loss on judgment day
And I can still hear them sayin'...
That crime don't pay!

Pour yourself a drink now
Make it a double and chase it with tears
But take heed my friends to this warning I give
Before you're faced with all your fears

I'd rather face ten men than have a broken heart
My crimes of passion have done me in
I'm sentenced to life each and every lonely day
And I can still hear you sayin'...That crime don't pay!

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