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Still Talkin Down

This song is by Mike Jones and appears on the compilation Volume - 2 (2005).

Yes, Platinum Underground, April 1st baby
Geah! Mike Jones, comin' soon ("Da Bottom bitch!")
A lot of people talkin' 'bout they tough
How you tough workin at Babies 'R Us (they still talkin' down)
You drop a CD without comin' to me
That let me know that your hoe-ass weak (you still talkin' down)
You pull a scheme tryin' to come back out
Your CD drop and you still ain't hot (you still talkin' down)
I heard about you bookin yo' own shows
And then I found out they all promos (you still talkin' down)
The money you made offa yo' mixtape
You blew it all bookin free show dates (you still talkin' down)
You and I know the only reason you sold
Was cause of me cause without me you shoulda been stuck in the sto' (true dat)
Now here's a challenge, can you do it, let's see
Drop a CD with no beats and see if it blow up the street (geah)
You get on radio, hatin' on me
Now the underground game waitin on me to see (see what?)
If I'ma shoot back or ignore your bull
He got greedy with his team and left Paid in Full
Then went to the major labels by himself bein fly
But everywhere he go they be like where that Paul Wall guy?
He over here, so let's get somethin' clear
You the past motherfucker and the future is here
And you was here befo' me so let this be a reminder

(Scratched Chamillionaire sample:)
"I'm the rapper they waitin for, you the rapper they tired of"

Geah! Mike Jones
How the hell they tired of me and you been here since 9-9 nigga?
You the rapper they tired off
Geah! Swishahouse, I been here since 2002
Holdin' it down baby
You had three years befo' ME! I gave you a head start
And you STILL couldn't fuck with me!
You STILL gettin' paid less on shows, hoe-ass nigga
Been in this bitch since 9-9 and still ain't makin' what I'm makin'
Geah! How long they gon' wait baby?
You been here befo' me baby, GEAH!
(Explosion) It's goin' down
I'm the rapper they waitin for, you the rapper they tired of
(Phone rings) Swishahouse

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