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Such A Person

This song is by Midtown and appears on the album Save The World, Lose The Girl (2000).

This isn't about you
Or the life she's lead through you
Just every passing day
Leaves me wondering what it really true.

Expecting to find you
Sleeping soundly
Through and through
Sadness comes misplaced
And ends are means by which to uncover truth.

Happiness will come
When you are with the one
Who can take you
To the places you never were but always knew.

I'm coming for the ride
And you say
It's too safe inside
You cannot realise it's taking time
And I'm taking it in stride.

Yeah it's safer inside
You just can't realise.
But you're such a person
Wake up every morning,
Every morning with her name in your head.

You can't survive
When you say
I'm not half what I wish I was
So much back then
There is no end
And no room for pretend.

Feeling only this,
I cannot fathom it.
There's no escape
From uncertain fate.
There is no excuse.
Why did this happen to you?
Well can our lies be made up
From what's been left in time.

You're feeling time
Crushing at the spine
And you're tired
And I'm tired
We're so tired.
Yeah you're tired inside
You just can't realise
What's wrong
Or what it's like to be something on
You've come a long way and I know everything feels gone.
Will you see this through?
Or will you say it's through?
Everything feels so gone to you.

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