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Sacrifice Of Life

This song is by Midtown and appears on the EP The Sacrifice of Life EP (1999).

You dream to waste too long, been counting on those you knew as friends. Just
To see them turn and plot and fall before you. The sacrifice of life for them
You'd make but now you know as lies, just replace yourself with those who feel
The same way that you do. When you think that life has done you wrong, pushed
You down enough, don't shake your head and say o.k. Because if you think my
Life is yours to wrong-then call me on my bluff, and you'll turn and run away.
The pain behind my eyes was recognized from the time you came to me. But
Cigarettes can cloud my mind for only just so long. To disrespect my intellect
Through ways and means you can't confuse. It breaks my heart and it tears me up
Inside. I should have learned not to sacrifice myself. Don't fall beneath me. I
Should have learned not to contradict myself. Don't crawl beneath me. But now
I've learned to see myself with someone else. You say its o.k. for me to want
To, you tell me its all right for me to be sad. Is the time now for redemption?

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