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Shards Of Silver Fade

This song is by Midnight Odyssey and appears on the album Shards Of Silver Fade (2015).

Time is short, all the eons, paused
Here rides the winter with stellar fall
Hide this soul from the morning's dawn
A birth of darkness, in shadows crawl
Find this home for a wicked crone
And let her summon the ancient's form
Dried, like bones, in the soil grown
A lifeless blossom, it glistens no more
And the ice rains
Shards of solar glass
Stabbing the earth raw
It perishes in the storm
This is now the end
The plagues will begin
Come infinity
Die inside of me
View the astral plain
The light has been detained
Come eternityCome and die with me
And you cannot pretend
That you foretold the end
Come infinity
Die inside of me
Your gods will not defend
The lies that you have bled
Come eternity
Come and die with me
So if this is the end
No hero will be sent
Come infinity
Die inside of me
Your god is not your friend
No saviour will descend
Come eternity
Come and die with me
I hear whispers, I hear calls
I see a figure old, and deformed
He guides his hand
And offers a reprieve
From this frozen wasteland
Is seeing to believe?
The firmament fell
And order deceased
But a calming presence
Has offered a release
Death is no stranger
Mounted on his stead
The pitch black of darkness
Again seems in reach
Though one star will die and freeze
Another sphere awaits me
And finally is welcoming
So many die, yet few are willing
To give up their spirit
And finally be free
Awakening to a plain
Of silent waters
And swirling silver streams
Falling stars, like shards of glass
And waves of faint glowing stellar rays
Bewitching me, the astral sea
And her voice, slowly echoing
The solar streams meandering
Like her voice, prancing playfully

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