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Bayview (Time Ain't No Friend)

This song is by Midnight Choir and appears on the album Amsterdam Stranded (1998).

It's time to walk the line
Take back what once was mine
Reclaim what I left behind
In you
Time ain't no friend (*2)

I've been on my own
For way too long
I can feel it slowly slipping away

(Love), love don't grieve me anymore (*3)

From my lips to God's ear
I swear I'm running scared
I'm jumping at every shadow babe

(Time), time ain't no friend (*2)

Oh, listen to me now:
From bayview Cologne
To the backstreets of Rome
I've searched every synagogue in Tel Aviv

(Love), love just don't grieve me anymore
(Love), love don't grieve me anymore (*2)

(Time), time ain't no friend (*2)
Time ain't no friend (*4)

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