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Midnight Choir (1994)Edit

Midnight Choir - Midnight Choir
Midnight Choir
  1. Talk to Me
  2. Don't Turn Out the Light
  3. Gypsy Rider
  4. What Am I Worth to You
  5. Turning of the Tide
  6. Hearts Gone Wild
  7. Mercy on the Street
  8. Rock Bottom
  9. Lonesome Drifter
  10. Lift Me Up

Olsen's Lot (1996)Edit

Midnight Choir - Olsen's Lot
Olsen's Lot
  1. Long Hard Ride
  2. Sister of Mercy
  3. Death Second Inches Away
  4. My Masquerade
  5. When Wedding Bells Ring
  6. Jeff Bridges
  7. Heavy Rain
  8. Sailing Dark Waters
  9. In the Shadow of the Circus
  10. The Ballad of Emma Deloner
  11. Poisoned Veins
  12. Theme From Olsen's Lot

Amsterdam Stranded (1998)Edit

Midnight Choir - Amsterdam Stranded
Amsterdam Stranded
  1. Harbor Hope
  2. October 8
  3. Mercy of Maria
  4. Amsterdam Stranded
  5. And the Rain Redoubled in Violence
  6. Muddy River of Loneliness
  7. Death's Threshold Step #2 / The Train
  8. Dear Friend
  9. Bayview (Time Ain't No Friend)
  10. Finest Hour

Unsung Heroine (2000)Edit

Midnight Choir - Unsung Heroine
Unsung Heroine
  1. Double Blank
  2. Electric Rain
  3. Where Love Resides
  4. Snow in Berlin
  5. Empty Streets
  6. Violence of the World
  7. She Came From West Viginia
  8. Painting by Matisse
  9. Unsung Heroine
  10. Spiritual

Waiting for the Bricks to Fall (2003)Edit

Midnight Choir - Waiting for the Bricks to Fall
Waiting for the Bricks to Fall
  1. Into the Dark
  2. Will You Carry Me Across the Water?
  3. Last Chapter
  4. Motherless Child
  5. Requiem
  6. Mrs. Donald
  7. Depths of the Earth
  8. Calling the Land
  9. Long Time Ago
  10. Can't Feel a Thing

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