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Monkey Song

This song is by Midnight and appears on the album M (2001).

Well, I came across the monkey
Down by the railroad tracks
It seemed to me he was in need
Of a ride upon my back

And he offered me a bottle
And he offered me a sack
And we crossed that mighty river
And we never looked back

But his claws are sharp as needles
There's scars across my back
But he never would forsake me
Like so many others have

There's a storm across the valley
It's rolling through the trees
I'm just looking for some shelter
For my little friend and me

So, I feel the same; I cursed the rain
And walked some more into the forest
Deeper than I'd seen before
It was like a full moonlit snow fallen dream

In a cave high on the mountain
I found an angel with an axe
He was waiting for a sign from God
To know to attack

And we sat around his fire
Telling stories, drinking wine
But he spoke to me in riddles
So I spoke to him in rhymes

And I sang him a story
About the lady that I love
How I gave her all I had
What I had was not enough

And he stood in the fire
And he spoke an ancient prayer
When that thunder rolled the rocks below
We knew that God was there

So we followed him in silence
Down across the canyon wall
He was floating in a cloud of light
Above the waterfall

So we'd sat there for hours
In the flowers 'neath this tree
Just the angel and the monkey
And the one you know as me

Then God floated down
To the flowers 'neath this tree
And he looked at me

And he asked me a question
"What is love and what is pain?"
And I told him that I didn't know
'Cause it all feels the same

And the smile of God was amazing
As he hammered in the nails
But the pain felt like forgiveness
I was going quite insane

He said, "The pain will make you stronger
And the blood'll keep you warm."
I'm just looking for some shelter
Shelter from this storm

And ease the pain
Stand in the rain
You felt before

Don't be afraid to make the change
Erase the blame
Oh, you've gotta let it go

Ease the pain
Erase the blame
And make a change, son
You've gotta let her go

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