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This song is by Midnight and appears on the album Sakada (2005).

I sleep with angels I sleep with people 'cause I'm invisible and wise
I feel you dreaming my heart's deceiving all your candles burn bright

And when I crawl upon your bed you're going to feel my love a touch too much incubus

The moon is bright dear I'll put you right here I'm only inches from your face
I'm right above you maybe I'll love you I'll give and just take

You think you're dreaming for the screaming well I cannot understand
I hold you tight you try to fight and then I'll slowly lose my mind
And then you wait pretend you hate that maybe I was just a dream
But still the guillotine right above you as you start to scream

Incubus incubus incubus
And in the candlelight I'll just slip
Under the little thing you're sleeping in
I don't want to hurt you but I must insist
I don't want to hurt you but I must insist
I kiss like this
I sleep with angels in the night
I hate with demons in my mind
I'm riding high you all the time
Throwing hate in your mind
I know you've got nowhere to hide

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