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Black Sheep

This song is by Midnight.

If I had an idea, I could figure it out
If I had a clue, I could solve the rhyme
Give me an hour and I'll blow your mind
At the top of the morning with a bottle of wine

I found you in the garden
How high you have grown
I tried to beg your pardon
But your mind was gone

Hey, hey black sheep; do you have any weed?
Yes, sir; how much do you need?
Three bags full and a bottle of wine
That's a little boy blue that'll blow your mind

Would you still be coming 'round if a square became a star?
Would I let you down if I threw up in car?

Hey, hey black sheep; do you have any more?
Yes, sir; yeah, but I need to score
To crash a while on your bathroom floor
'Cause when I've had enough, then I need some more

I dreamed you in a movie; I woke up in your car
It's hard to say, "I love you" when I don't know who you are

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