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Milkmaid Grand Army (2001)Edit

Midlake - Milkmaid Grand Army
Milkmaid Grand Army
  1. She Removes Her Spiral Hair
  2. Paper Gown
  3. Excited but Not Enough
  4. I Lost My Bodyweight in the Forest
  5. Simple
  6. Roller Skate (Farewell June)
  7. Golden Hour

Bamnan and Slivercork (2004)Edit

Midlake - Bamnan And Slivercork
Bamnan and Slivercork
  1. They Cannot Let It Expand
  2. Balloon Maker
  3. Kingfish Pies
  4. I Guess I'll Take Care
  5. Some of Them Were Superstitious
  6. The Reprimand
  7. The Jungler
  8. He Tried to Escape
  9. Mopper's Medley
  10. No One Knew Where We Were
  11. Anabel
  12. Mr. Amateur

The Trials of Van Occupanther (2006)Edit

Midlake - The Trials of Van Occupanther
The Trials of Van Occupanther
  1. Roscoe
  2. Bandits
  3. Head Home
  4. Van Occupanther
  5. Young Bride
  6. Branches
  7. In This Camp
  8. We Gathered in Spring
  9. It Covers the Hillsides
  10. Chasing After Deer
  11. You Never Arrived
Bonus tracks on Europe release
  1. Mornings Will Be Kind
  2. Marion
  3. It Covers the Hillsides (alternate version)
  4. Paper Gown
Australia release bonus disc
  1. Mornings Will Be Kind
  2. Paper Gown
  3. It Covers the Hillsides (alternate version)
  4. Excited but Not Enough
  5. Golden Hour

The Courage of Others (2010)Edit

Midlake - The Courage of Others
The Courage of Others
  1. Acts of Man
  2. Winter Dies
  3. Small Mountain
  4. Core of Nature
  5. Fortune
  6. Rulers, Ruling All Things
  7. Children of the Grounds
  8. Bring Down
  9. The Horn
  10. The Courage of Others
  11. In the Ground

Antiphon (2013)Edit

Midlake - Antiphon
  1. Antiphon
  2. Provider
  3. The Old and the Young
  4. It's Going Down
  5. Vale
  6. Aurora Gone
  7. Ages
  8. This Weight
  9. Corruption
  10. Provider (Reprise)

Group MembersEdit

Current members
Former members
Record labels

Other SongsEdit

  1. Golden Hair
  2. It Cover The Hillsides
  3. It Covers The Hillside
  4. Mario
  5. We Gathered Here In Spring

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