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A Machine - The Rhythm Thief

This song is by Midasuno.

My body shakes like the cables tonight
The sides are splitting in mono it's alright
Drenched in the breeze of a dusk kiss

Take revenge so let us bury the textbook
Flood the crowd and a sea of the weak all scream
I'm not foreign to the scent of anger

With a blow to the head
With these words it's gonna disconnect
With a jolt to the heart
With these words we're gonna fall apart

You're sleeping with the machine
I'm the rhythm thief
'Cause I'm a fucking machine
I'm the rhythm thief

We simply cannot introspect any deeper
Without the aid of a gallery of mirrors
Stutter to the song of the Latah

A character assassination failed
With every orbit there's emotion sickness
It's taking my breath away

Where do we raise our weapons?

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